Friday, February 12, 2010

Topshop: Hilarious T-shirt

Opening today's mail with the lastest news from, I did a double take when spying this cropped tee. If any particular piece of clothing has made me laugh out loud lately, it's gotta be this totally hilarious shirt, complete with shark bite holes around the neck. I'd love to wear it to the gym.

My instant reaction was to put it in my shopping basket. Upon entering check out, I started doing the math: Shirt GPB25, shipping GBP 5, 25% VAT and 6% duty, plus the post office's handling fee. In total: NOK500 (~ GBP50 /USD 83). For a cropped, white T-shirt?


Better find an old white tee in the closet, attack it with a pair of scissors and invest a few kroner in a thick black marker. (Photo by Topshop).

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