Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Department store fashion show

So my friend couldn't make it, and I asked a total stranger to take my picture in Oslo's main street Karl Johan, with the department store in the background. Looks undeniably like I picked the wrong photographer here.  Guess after winning those tickets yesterday, I ran out of luck. Hope it doesn't last for long. :)

Anway, I'm wearing a black military inspired wool coat with brass buttons, from a brand called Daite. It's three years old, so I guess I was a bit early on the military trend. Black jeans from H&M, red hat with sequins from Accessorize, studded black suede boots from Steve Madden, black leather bag from Topshop and a khaki colored scarf which I got last week from Kameleon, a small store carrying mainly Scandinavian designers.

On my way to this:

Place: Steen og Ström department store, downtown Oslo
Showing: Spring clothes from designers they carry
Venue: The nightclub on the top floor
Lightning: Bad
Public: Max 25, mostly young people, probably many bloggers as everyone had cameras
Models: Most of them didn't walk all the way to the front, but turned halfway across the floor
Number of outfits shown: Disappointingly few
Taking good pictures: Difficult

Hmmm....where's the light?

Lovely color, but fabric questionable. Does this look like wearing a night gown with sandals?

Love this look! The rich bitch doing some summer shopping on vacation. Wearing this, I would feel right at home in the Mediterranean jetset hotspots


  1. that second one does look like a nightie!

  2. Yeah, agree. The color caught my eyes first, but then I thought...hey, wait a minute, that looks just like a nightie.

    Satin all over is a very hard fabric to pull off as a daytime dress or even an evening gown, I think.

  3. Your outfit was great. I miss living in Europe :(

  4. Thanks!

    You want to swap places with me? I wouldn't mind Australia for a few weeks until we get spring here...:)

  5. Oh, I'm behind with my reading, but I was interested to hear about this show. Sounds like it wasn't exactly highlight of your year so far.
    Do you have Accessorize in Norway, or did you shop there in England? I really miss them.

  6. We have Accessorize in Norway, they've been here for a few years now. Very popular, in Oslo there are several stores.

    And as for the show, it was over in about 5 minutes! People didn't get up from their seats at first, I guess everyone expected more to come. Everybody seemed a bit confused when nothing happened. But I did have time afterwards for a good look through the different stores. Maybe that was the whole point of it?

  7. It sounds like that was indeed the whole point of it!
    Lucky you, having Accessorize, maybe I can be hopeful they will make it over here at some point.