Monday, February 22, 2010

To keep or not to keep?

The morning the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection was launched, I had already been up for several hours, nervously queueing in the online store to get hold of the shoes I wanted. Oh...the sweet taste of success when all the heels I lusted after were safely confirmed as mine and on their way to me!

What a disappointment then, that some of the pairs really didn't fit all that great. The zebra stilettos were sold immediately after I received them, which left me with three pairs.  After having used them at a couple of Christmas parties, the next to go were the black patent ones similar to the pair pictured above. The black stiletto gladiators shown below I'm keeping, as they fit perfectly.

(Photo by H&M)

But back to this pair of red shoes. They really are gorgeous! I love the raspberry color and the design. Unfortunately, the insole is a bit narrow, and I have a hard time keeping my little toes inside the strap when walking. So what to do? Sell them and get another red pair that's easier to strut around in, or keep them and only wear them when I'll be sitting down most of the time? Hm...

Decisions, decisions....


  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog last week--it's nice to meet someone form Norway

    I say buy them, if you can afford them, and enjoy them while your feet can tolerate shoes like that. I am way over the years I would wear shoes like

  2. ooh, but they are gorgeous! And such a shame t sell them. but they don't fit. the practical thing to do would be to sell them...but they are sooo gorgeous. I think I would just sit stroking them all day.

  3. Thanks for all your advice!

    I'm inclined to keep them, at least for now and until I go to New York in April. The US is a mecca for shoes, and if I should happen to find a pair of red ones there which fit better, well... ;)

  4. Hmm, are they in my size? If so, sell them;)