Sunday, February 14, 2010

Homemade cupcakes: Total failure!

Sometimes, life is so unfair! I mean; my younger brother is an award winning chef, and my father,mother and sister are all excellent cooks. Somehow, they seem to have grabbed all the cooking genes in the family, leaving absolutely none for me. Exhibit A: the above picture, which I had expected to look more like this:

How could this happen??? Whatever came out of my kitchen doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to what it was supposed to look like. And even if I tried to rescue the result by adding some frozen berries, still no dice.

In a post I could totally identify with, Gwen over at Murphy Grace Home blamed the oven, which I agree is the usual culprit, no matter how modern, advanced,  failproof and expensive it is. In this case, however, I did make one change to the recipe, exchanging milk with some of this stuff:

After all, these were supposed to be coffee cupcakes and I wanted to spice them up a little. Yes, that's right - I wanted to put more life into the taste - not to kill the bloody little suckers by alcohol poisoning!

But even if the Baileys might have caused some damage, I guess it doesn't help finding out your baking soda is long past the best before date either:

Probably not so strange, considering every time I make a mess of yet another recipe, my cooking ego deflates so hard I stick to making salads for the next six months!

Later on today, I'm invited over to some friends for Shrovetide buns. Oh..btw, the lady of that house is also an excellent cook. I had planned on bringing the coffee cupcakes. I no longer think that's such a great idea. So I'm getting the hostess some nice flowers instead.

As for today's product of my failed effort - next stop: The bin. If I'm gonna eat to console myself, it definitely ain't gonna be cupcakes!

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