Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dream vs reality

This very feminine top in a mix of silk, wool and cashmere from Christian Dior Boutique cost me USD 75 + shipping from Ebay. I've no idea of the original cost in the store, but judging from the quality of the fabric and the details and knowing Dior usually don't come cheap, I believe I got a very good deal.

The buttons are made from olive colored sea shell and each one is engraved with Dior (although one must almost use a magnifying glass to be able to see it). The velour band goes all around it, even on the sleeves:

To go with it, I've been looking at different military style cargo pants that haven't got too much of a "you're in the army now" look. I think I've found the perfect pair from Burberry's spring collection:

(Photo by Burberry).

I'll take a look in the Burberry store downtown to see if they have this model (cotton military cargo trousers) in their very limited selection. If not, I'll try and find them in New York, or at least something similar.

But while dreaming of spring and summer, the reality is the weather's gonna require more thick coats, hats and scarves to be worn for many more weeks to come. And thus, what I actually wore today was quite different from what my wishful thinking envisioned:

At the university, still tired from getting up early, wearing: Brown/beige/pink checked cap (old, don't remember by whom it is), pink scarf from local store Via Victoria, brown cashmere coat by H&M (old, from the 90's, used to be an ankle long coat that I had taken up), skinny jeans from a limited edition at H&M Divided, brown sheepskin boots by Bianco and animal print patchwork bag from Tianni at

I really look like I could use some sun! (Yes, weather gods, that last comment was for YOU!)

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