Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oslo Fashion Week - here I come!


I can't believe my luck - I got home today after a stint in the swimming pool, opened my mail and there it was:

"Du er en av vinnerne i minMotes konkurranse, 
og har vunnet to billetter til Flinga Clothing's visning 
torsdag 18. februar kl. 17.00."

(You're one of the winners in minMote's competition, 
and have won two tickets to Flinga Clothing's showing on 
Thursday February 18 at 1700 hrs.)

I'm not familiar with Flinga's clothes, so that's gonna be exciting! And double luck - the show being on Thursday, as I'm leaving town for the weekend on Friday. (Photo by Flinga).

And as if that wasn't enough, a friend forwarded an invitation to another fashion show, tomorrow, in Steen og Ström, one of Oslo's largest department stores, where we'll be seeing spring trends from among others: Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Hermès, Burberry, Diesel and Tiger of Sweden.

Better make sure my camera battery is fully charged!


  1. Wow, how exciting - I have never been within 100 miles of a fashion week, anywhere! You'll have to wear black, yes? :)
    The department store one sounds fun, too - you'll be able to compare and contrast...

  2. Black, mais oui! I believe it to be par for the course at such life defining events. :)

    Seriously, they must really like me over at that fashion blog. It's run by Norway's largest online (and print) paper, so they have a huge public. I won another competition there right before Christmas, so when I entered my reply this time it was just for fun as all one had to do was answering an easy question. I certainly didn't expect to win again! But I had planned on seeing some of the shows anyway, only now "I'm on the list" (how self-important is it possible to sound..lol..)and thus me and my friend get guaranteed seats.

    I too think the department store show sounds cool. I only hope I don't find something I like. I made a first attempt at spring cleaning in my closets today. I found clothes (unworn ones with tags on) that I didn't even knew I owned!