Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy birthday to the best dressed man!

My oldest nephew wore his grandfather's tuxedo (genuine vintage - from 1950!) to his class' Christmas ball, and was voted the best dressed man of the night. In the picture, he was almost 14. Today, he's 17 and has long since grown out of the tux. Auntie was very impressed with how stylish he looked. Keep up the good work, and...

Happy birthday, Mathias! :D

(Photo by


  1. wow that is crazy how much snow you get! we don't have anything like that.

  2. How dashing he looks in it! happy birthday that man!

  3. Yes, he does, doesn't he? A far cry from the oversize sweatpants and hoodies that's the attire du jour among him and his mates.