Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday night beers

Venue: Oslo Microbryggeri (Oslo Micro Brewery - a combined pub and brewery).

Meeting: Sarah, Thor William, Steven

Drinking: Beer

The place: Packed

The others: Having fun with my camera while I wasn't looking.

Arriving home: Exhausted

Wearing: Vintage suede coat with fake fur trim, white tee & black, sleeveless cardi by H&M, black jeggings from Esprit, black leather ankle boots by Fornarina, turquiose leopard scarf from Oasis, chunky silver bangle from Bik Bok, black leather bag from Topshop.


  1. Love the blumarine photos...hey glad I found you how did you find my blog ? have a great week...suzanne

  2. Hey by the way if you can get google translate on your blog it automatically sets you up to translate any blog took me a while to do it as I am a creative person not a techie but google "google translate and follow the "simple" directions...i am meeting with a girl on friday who is going to help me with this crazy blogworld hope to hear from you soon iam now a follower of your blog..suzanne