Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fashion show - a short recap

The Zara dark khaki silk romper

Short recap here of a few more thoughts on yesterday's show:

Unfortunately, because of the way we were seated, I never got to take as many pictures as I had wanted to. I could have done more, but I didn't really want to take the risk of pissing off the others around and behind me by constantly getting up from my seat and thus disturbing their view. After all, I guess everyone wanted to be able to see just as much as me. But while searching the net for other commenters on the show, I found this other Norwegian blog with a lot more pictures different from mine. See comme-il-faut here.

Guests were dressed up in all kinds of attire. Some were dressed to the nines wearing anything from black lace or bright red cocktail dresses with sky high stilettos, to the latest in spring's fashion, while others went for a very casual look with jeans and puffer jackets to keep the cold out. So no particular dress code was required, for those wanting to know how to dress if attending next year's show. For my own part, under my military inspired black wool coat, I was dressed in a dark khaki silk romper from Zara's spring collection, to which I added black tights and boots. I bought it thinking I will be wearing this a lot with flat leather sandals during spring and summer as well. It's definitely very comfy. However, the next time I'm going for a tank underneath as well, to be able to leave the top partly open so I won't have to worry about so many buttons as they're pretty impractical when needing to use the rest rooms.

The clothes used in the show was spring's fashion as we have already seen it on the designers' runway shows or on Hollywood celebrities. So it wasn't any groundbreaking new fashion, just an opportunity to get a closer look with one's own eyes at what's hot for spring and summer 2010. They showed a great number of outfits, and I enjoyed watching it all.

High on my shopping list is a summer dress with a graphic print, preferably something pythonish as shown in this event. I like the jungle/safari style, and the floral trend. The boudoir style and the sheer nude dresses is not for me though, and I also think I'll be going easy on the double denim however much I like jeans, as it's fairly easy to end up looking too much like an extra from the set of one of Clint Eastwood's spaghetti western movies.

In sum, the show - and some of the public - provided both entertainment and inspiration. I'm pretty certain I'll be ringside at next year's event as well. By then, hopefully, they will have solved the late opening of the doors situation. Or I might just have one more drink before going, being fashionably late. ;)

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